Two weeks ago, the Atlanta DA who just charged Garrett Rolfe with felony murder in the Rayshard Brooks case, also charged officers with aggravated assault for using a taser on protesters. Rayshard Brooks took Officer Rolfe’s taser and fired it at him. This lead to Rolfe firing his weapon and killing Brooks.

Since a taser is considered a deadly weapon, wouldn’t Officer Rolfe have shot Brooks in self-defense because Brooks fired the taser at Rolfe? DA Paul Howard can’t have it both ways.

Guaranteed, the video below will be used by the Defense in court:

“A taser is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law”

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This DA is under investigation and is up for reelection so he’s bowing to the powers-that-be and has overcharged Officer Rolfe.

Howard is under investigation for the fraud of nonprofit and is in hot water over a sexual harassment charge.

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