While speaking to a host of the far left “Now This News,” Joe Biden, with a straight face, said he his Socialist student loan bailout package passed by a “vote or two.”

Biden explained how although Republicans have been getting in the way, he was able to get the loan forgiveness act for students passed. He then attempted to explain how it works  “As you’re probably aware is what we’ve provided for is, if you qualify for a Pell Grant, you qualify for two thousand…excuse me, you qualify for twenty thousand dollars in debt forgiveness. Secondly, if you don’t have one of those loans, you just get ten thousand written off.”

Next, came the big lie. “It’s passed.” I got it passed by a vote or two—and it’s in effect.”


Absolutely none of what Biden said is true, except for the part about how Democrats want to give away billions of taxpayer funded dollars to pay off student loans. Many of the people Biden will ask to pay off student loans are low income individuals who are working blue-collar jobs because they couldn’t afford to go to college.

In August, Joe Biden told Americans he would forgive up to $20,000 for millions of borrowers. Biden’s socialist plot to steal from the poor to give to the future rich, was met with a big obstacle when Republicans in Congress gave the plot a big hell no!

CNBC reports – Since mid-October, 22 million Americans have applied for forgiveness.


Yet the biggest setback for the Biden administration’s sweeping plan came on Friday, when a U.S. appeals court temporarily blocked it from moving forward.

Joe is not new to telling outright lies and getting a total pass from the media. Only last week, Joe told a whopper when he said that his son Beau was killed in Iraq, insinuating that Beau was killed in combat. His son Beau died of cancer in the United States. Shortly after his death, Hunter Biden began sleeping with his widow and soon afterward his widow’s sister at the same time.


It’s almost like “fact-checkers” don’t care that Joe Biden is lying once or twice a week to the American people. And furthermore, it’s curious the dishonest mainstream media doesn’t seem to care.

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