Seventy-six-year-old Terry Sanderson sued Gwyneth Paltrow in 2019, claiming the actress had run into him while skiing at Utah’s Deer Valley resort in February of that year.

 Sanderson claims Paltrow crashed into the back of him and then left the scene. The retired optometrist sought compensation exceeding $3.1 million. He said the accident left him with a “permanent traumatic brain injury, four broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and disfigurement,” according to the Daily Mail.

Dr. Terry Sanderson

A judge dismissed Sanderson’s original claim against the resort and Paltrow’s ski instructor. The doctor’s new claim is $300,000 and only names Paltrow as a defendant.

Paltrow testified today in the case:

In response, Paltrow is countersuing for ‘symbolic damages’ of $1 and any legal fees she obtains. The trial is set to begin Tuesday at Park City District Court. Paltrow claims that Sanderson was uphill and skied into her. She said she was angry with him and that he had apologized. She also said Sanderson is trying to use her celebrity status and wealth to exploit her.


Sanderson’s account is quite different. He insists that Paltrow hit him from behind. He released a statement after the incident saying, “I heard this hysterical scream, and instantaneously I got hit in the back. It was just instantaneous. I got hit in my back. It felt like it had just drove me forward.”

He said Eric Christiansen, Paltrow’s ski instructor, came over and informed him while he was lying injured on the ground that the accident was his fault before skiing away. He claims the ski instructor did not send help and that neither Christiansen nor Paltrow alerted ski patrol that he was injured. The court filing states, ‘Neither Ms. Paltrow nor Deer Valley lodge personnel notified emergency responders about the injured Dr. Sanderson. They left him at the scene with serious brain injuries caused by Ms. Paltrow.’

Both skiers were on a beginner hill at the time of the incident, and Paltrow was making her way down with the guidance of her instructor.

Paltrow’s countersuit claims the Doctor exaggerated his injuries, taking extended international vacations following the incident and receiving a medical diagnosis that said Sanderson sustained a minor concussion.

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