There were *gasps* during an engineer’s testimony at the Michigan Voter Integrity Hearing as he recounted a breathtaking case of election malpractice.

“They were duplicating it, and I told the station manager that I needed to see those results. And he said I COULDN’T… I was *not allowed* to look at it.”

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The engineer’s testimony is stunning, but there were numerous cases of clear election fraud in Detroit.

A Dominion contractor also gave incredible testimony about what she saw during the election vote counting:

Dominion contractor Melissa Carone completely exposed the election fraud at the Michigan hearing today. Her testimony blew the lid off of the huge plan to commit election fraud in Wayne County, Michigan.

“There was batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times. Being counted 8-10 TIMES.”

“There was something going on at that Department of Elections…”

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