Hypocrisy on the Left isn’t anything new.

From claiming that Texas Gov. Abbott is “cynical” in sending illegal immigrants to cities that proclaimed to be welcoming of them, to Dem politicians calling for defunding of police while boosting their own private security, they are rife with contradictions at every turn.

Unfortunately, this hypocrisy does not get highlighted enough.

However, during oral arguments in Fischer v. US, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch called out the Left’s insane double standards concerning other fairly recent events.


Some on social media found the Solicitor General’s responses to Gorsuch lacking.

These double standards aren’t exactly news to most.

Ever since the events of J6, many have called out the Left’s hypocrisy over other instances that involve their supporters.

There were also a few incidents that Justice Gorsuch forgot to mention.

It’s not looking good for the DOJ so far in a case that could reduce criminal charges against over 350 J6 protesters.

CNN has more about this most recent Supreme Court case:

Joseph Fischer, a former Pennsylvania police officer who brought the case to the Supreme Court, told the justices that by the time he arrived at the Capitol on January 6, Congress had already recessed. His lawyers said Fischer spent less than four minutes inside the building and that he advanced fewer than 25 feet.

Prosecutors paint a different picture. They say Fischer warned his police chief by text that the day might get violent. He texted that protestors should drag Democrats “into the street and have a mob trial.” Fischer captured a video on his own cell phone in which he can be heard yelling “charge!” before he ran into the Capitol, prosecutors say.

A grand jury returned a seven-count indictment against Fischer weeks after the attack that included charges of civil disorder; assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers as well as the obstruction charge. The case before the Supreme Court involves only that last charge.

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