This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth as we’ve seen over the months. In truth, he’s a professional sh*t disturber who’s inciting hate and division in the name of justice. Hate speech much?

A radio interview between Alan Colmes and the former national chairman of the New Black Panther Party and current national president of Black Lawyers for Justice, Malik Zulu Shabazz, got heated Thursday.

It began with a debate about the Baltimore protests:

Shabazz: “I say those young Baltimore youth are liken to the Palestinians, battling an Israeli occupier, and that was their form of protest…”

Colmes: “So you support the bottle throwing, you support the rock throwing?”

Shabazz: “I understand it. Whether I support it or not, it’s going to happen anyway.”

Colmes: “…As a leader, you could say ‘I denounce this because people could get hurt.’”

Shabazz: “Some people might need to get hurt in self-defense–”

Colmes: “Really, like who?”

Shabazz: “If the police–the people that are attacking us–”

Colmes: “So all the…tossing of objects in Baltimore and in Ferguson were justifiable in your view?”

Shabazz: “They were all in self-defense…”

The intensity of the interview continued to ramp up, and finished with a bang:

Shabazz: I’ve got a bigger role to play, and I’m comin’ for you…I’m comin’ for you and all those like you.

People are standing up today, and you are on the phone with a black man that is not in fear of you…

I don’t come to pin the tail on the donkey, I come to pin the tail on the Honkey…You are guilty of human rights violations against black people of America and all over the world. You are guilty of a holocaust and slaughtering over two-hundred-million of our people. You are guilty of the rape of the black woman. You are guilty of the psychological abuse of our people. You are guilty of killing our BABIES, man!

You’re LUCKY I’m on this g*ddamn phone talking to you right now!”

Colmes: “He hung up.”

Via: IJR

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