Commies carrying flags fought with the Austin police and disobeyed orders during a protest in Austin, TX today. So these commies want to tell their fellow Americans what to do? Their judgement isn’t so great if they’re supporting communism…Ya think? The cops should stand strong against the tyranny that is happening right now.

Chanting their way through downtown Austin, the capital of Texas, demonstrators denounced Confederate symbolism and called for the dismantling of public works and streets that bear the name of Confederate icons like Robert E. Lee:
Red paint sprayed on signs around the city:

Like it or not, the Civil War is a part of our history. These protesters might want to pick up a history book and read it. People on both sides fought and died…black and white!

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Only Virginia has more Confederate symbols (which include roads, schools, statues and county names) than Texas.

Austin has already been taking steps to remove public reminders of its history as part of the Confederacy. Just last week Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss called for removal of a plaque near the Capitol that asserts slavery was not the underlying cause of the Civil War. And finally after years of resistance, administrators at the University of Texas Austin decided to take down Confederate statues on campus.

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