On Monday, the host of Australia’s Sky News, Rita Panahi, mocked Biden during her segment “The Rita Panahi Show,” showing that the U.S. is losing respect from the rest of the world as our inept president proves repeatedly that he is unable to string together a coherent sentence.

Australian Sky News Host, Rita Panahi

Panahi began her discussion of Biden by saying, “This week the world got a frightening insight into what happens when you unleash the president without notes, an autocue, or someone screaming instructions in his ear. You get this nonsensical word salad.”

Sky News then played a video of Biden incoherently rambling and looking incredibly confused.

As far as we can tell, this is what Biden said:

“Tell me how you do that. Now I- I understand that… it’s clear in its face. You’re accurate. But, how, in making the case of the freedom men have – what do you do to other than to… sort of embarrassment and getting into – into the argument and voting the right way… on this issue.”

Panahi then played a second clip of Biden speaking recently, sarcastically describing it as a “rousing, totally coherent message to rally the troops for the midterms.”

In his speech, Biden said, “If we elect two more senators we keep the House in Democrats, we’re gonna um, get a lot of unfinished business we gonna get done.” Aside from the incoherence that permeates all his speeches, he also made an obvious error that Panahi pointed out, saying “the Senators tend to sit in the Senate… someone should perhaps tell the president that.”

Panahi then moved on to bash Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiative. “Someone should probably also tell the president that handing over half a trillion… dollars to college graduates who haven’t paid off their student debts is utterly reckless, regressive, and inflationary,” said the Sky News host. “It will take money from the less privileged, who don’t have college degrees, and the responsible who paid off their debts, and give it to households earning up to U.S. $250,000.”

“It’s reasonable to ask at this stage just who is running the country,” Panahi adds. “President Biden? Or the people who grant him the permission to speak?”


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