This story is a perfect example of how Muslim migrants do NOT assimilate in their host countries. Instead of assimilating, they are demanding Austrian students change their culture and even their religion, to satisfy the desires of the refugees who are essentially guests in their villages and towns… 

The following news report about the “radicalization” of students in a Viennese high school begins with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent comments about women, who he thinks should concentrate mainly on being mothers. Mr. Erdogan’s words are taken seriously in Germany and Austria, since he has a strong influence on Turks there, even those of the second or third generation.

Notice that the Chechens — relatively recent arrivals — are said to pose the most serious problem. The same story is told all over Europe: the Chechens are the biggest troublemakers, second only to the Somalis in areas that host Somali communities. You might call them the Somalis of the Caucasus.

Via: Gates Of Vienna

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