Children’s author and father of two, Ken Jennings took to Twitter to bully 11-year old Barron Trump after entertainment site TMZ reported that Barron saw the photo of the bloodied and decapitated head of his father being held up by “comedian” Kathy Gifford while watching TV:

Although Jennings holds the record for the longest winning streak on the game show Jeopardy, it turns out  he’s really not that smart after all… 

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Children’s author Ken Jennings obviously found the report about an 11-yr old boy being traumatized by a decapitated image of his dad on TV to be humorous, as he tweeted this disgusting comment in response to this heartbreaking story:

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Twitter users came after Jennings. Some of them even sent tweets to Simon and Schuster asking them to stop working with this vile bully of children. Here are some of their response to Jennings’ tweet:

Even Donald Trump Jr. replied to Jennings’ vile tweet attacking his young brother: 

Jennings replied to Donald Trump Jr. that he “will kill as many white rhinos as it takes to prove his masculinity to Donald Trump Jr.” How very clever…

Facebook users also had plenty to say about Jennings vile remarks about Barron Trump on his Facebook page. Here are a few of their comments to Jennings:

Takes a big tough guy to mock a child. 

A real genius doesn’t make fun of a child.

For such a smart man you certainly were quick to ruin your writing career. Maybe you and Kathy Griffin can go on an apology tour.

You are truly a pile of human excrement .. your publisher should be ashamed.

Does it really make you feel like a man to pick on an innocent 11 year old boy? You are a total douche!!!!

Jennings you are a spineless sniveling coward. Why don’t you talk smack to someone your own size you sick low life scumbag.


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