The poor little ISIS-inspired, chain migration, snowflake, terrorist can’t even walk by a Christmas poster without being triggered. How long before Mayor DeBlasio starts the dialogue about removing triggering signs of Christmas from NYC, so as not to offend non-Christians? 

The taxi driver behind the failed terror attack in a New York City told investigators he meant to detonate his homemade pipe bomb in the busy subway station after seeing the walls festooned with Christmas posters – in revenge for violence against Muslims all over the world.

While initial reports suggested the crude pipe bomb, made from a pipe, a 9-volt battery, match heads, sugar, Christmas tree lights and screws, had detonated prematurely, suspect Akayed Ullah, 27, insisted he set off the bomb deliberately.

Ullah, who was arrested and taken for questioning after the bomb only partially detonated, told police he was walking through the underground tunnel at 7.20am, between the Port Authority station towards Times Square, when he saw the Christmas-themed posters on the wall, which reminded him of ISIS’ calls last month for militants and lone wolves to attack holiday markets.
‘He acknowledges he purposely set it off then and there,’ a senior law enforcement official told the New York Post.

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The Bangladeshi immigrant added that he was specifically inspired by ISIS, ‘not Al-Qaeda’.

Authorities say that if the explosive had fully detonated in the busy Midtown Manhattan subway station, there would have been more injuries and doubtless loss of life.

The attack came days after Ullah’s Brooklyn neighbors say they heard a huge row coming from his home, reporting yelling and screaming over the past two nights.

Ullah, who was allowed to stop and pray multiple times during his interrogation, was taken to Bellevue Hospital to be treated for serious burns and lacerations to his abdomen and hands but is expected to survive. At the hospital, the Brooklyn resident told investigators that he was inspired to carry out the attack by the recent flare ups between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

How many Muslim terrorists in other nations are allowed to stop interrogators from doing their job so they can pray?

Monday’s attack was the first terror attack on U.S. soil since that proclamation, but only one of many violent demonstrations across the world since the controversial move was announced last Wednesday. It was also the second time in two months that New York City was the target of a terrorist attack.

President Trump said in a statement that ‘lax’ immigration policies were to blame for the attack, and urged Congress to ‘enact legislative reforms to protect the American people’.

Authorities say Ullah took the A train subway to the Port Authority Bus Terminal stop Monday morning, and started walking east towards Times Square via an underground terminal when a pipe bomb hidden underneath his clothes prematurely exploded.
Law enforcement officials don’t believe the passageway was the intended target since the ‘low-tech’ bomb – attached to Ullah with Velcro and zip ties – did not explode fully.

The chemical explosive appears to have ignited but the pipe itself did not burst. Screws were found at the scene, indicating that they may have filled the pipe and were intended to be used as shrapnel.

In the end, Ullah was the only one seriously injured by the explosive (three others reported to hospitals for ringing in the ears and headaches). –Daily Mail




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