Three weeks after Hampshire College removed the American flag from campus, the Stars and Stripes was raised again on Friday morning at the liberal arts school in Amherst.

The flag’s return comes after a torrent of calls, e-mails, and protests from people angered by its removal eight days after it was set on fire in an apparent protest of the election of Donald Trump as president.

“I’ve received many e-mails, a lot of them extremely unpleasant,” Hampshire College president Jonathan Lash said by telephone on Thursday night. “Our phone lines have been clogged with people calling to express their anger. People can disagree with us, but we’ve also received very explicit threats.”

“For us, we raise the flag as a symbol of our hopes for justice, fairness and freedom,” Lash said. “I hope this is not the end of the dialogue about these issues. The underlying issues are very important for the country.”

A massive demonstration Sunday at Hampshire College in Amherst called for the school to reverse a decision to stop flying the American flag.

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