During the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee’s hearing in Lansing on election fraud and irregularities, Democratic Senator Slyvia Santana received a taste of her own medicine from one local Michigan man testifying on the fraud at Detroit’s TCF Center.

One local Michigan man, Chris Schornack, testified before the Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday. He testified that 8.9% of ballots in Detroit were invalid. Between dead voters, addresses of vacant lots, and burned down structures, Schornack brought the heat to the hearing, as many fellow testifiers similarly did.

After Mr. Schornack’s allotted three minutes of testimony, Michigan State Senator Sylvia Santana (D) attempted to disparage Schornack’s character and testimony through means of an overly-worded question aimed to confuse him.

“How can you validate fraud coming out of the City of Detroit…where’s the fraud?,” she asked.

She continued her “question” with snarky remarks while Trump supporters gathered and chanted outside the windows of the hearing room.


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His response to the snarky democrat’s remarks…EPIC! Schornack said, “We have proof…Overall 8.9% of the 30K absentee ballots that we’ve gone through…just in the city of Detroit, were unqualified, fraudulent ballots…Are you listening?! Will you even remember my name in 30 seconds?”

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Michigan’s election fraud hearing on Tuesday has brought many key witnesses’ stories to the forefront of state officials’ minds. The public IMPLORES for fair elections! Regular citizens from all walks of life beg for JUSTICE and FAIR ELECTIONS.

But where is Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson? Share your comments.

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