Peyton Manning visited the site of the Chattanooga terror attack right after it happened. He’s now stepping up in a big way to help the families of the victims of the terror attack.

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has created a fund for the families of the victims of the Chattanooga shootings, a spokesman for the Denver Broncos said Thursday.


Wherever Peyton Manning has gone, he’s tried to make as lasting an impact off the football field as he does on it. He has established a charity foundation that gives grants to organizations in each state he’s put down roots: Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana and Colorado. And now with the impact of a sudden tragedy in a place that he loves, he wanted to find a way he could help.
On Thursday it was announced that Manning has started the Chattanooga Heroes Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga in honor of those who lost their lives and those who were wounded in the recent shootings in Tennessee, and to help support their families at this difficult time.
Manning has made an initial contribution to the fund, and additional donations can be made online at or by mail (more information below).
The fund will provide financial support to help the families and individuals directly affected by the shooting to receive longer-term financial to alleviate their need. The Chattanooga Heroes Fund intends to bridge a gap between the short-term financial needs and what challenges they may face in years to come.
“Our family has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the great city of Chattanooga, and it has a very special place in our hearts,” Manning said. “But on July 16th, 2015, this strong, welcoming community was forever changed by the tragedy that unfolded.
“The five servicemen who gave their lives, the police officer who risked his life in order to protect others, and the actions of many other first responders were truly heroic. We are proud to establish the Chattanooga Heroes Fund to honor these heroes by helping to provide for the future of their families.”
Former Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker has also made an initial donation to the fund, joining Manning.
“We deeply appreciate Senator Corker’s support in establishing the Chattanooga Heroes Fund and hope that others can do what they can to recognize the noble actions of the servicemen who sacrificed and risked their own lives last week,” Manning said.
The Chattanooga Heroes Fund will be administered by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, the city’s oldest community-owned foundation. With over 50 years of managing funds to address areas of need in Chattanooga and the greater community, the CFGC has shown an outstanding track record as it’s managed 350 funds that total more than $100 million in assets and more than $14 million in grants in 2014.
“We are proud to support Peyton by serving as home for the Chattanooga Heroes Fund, and we will work closely with him to ensure proper protocols for funds disbursement are in place,” said Foundation President Pete Cooper. “We will also work closely with the appropriate military personnel to ensure support from the funds reaches those families.”

Via: Breaking 911

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