President Donald Trump told televangelist Pat Robertson in a new interview that he will make it safe to say “Merry Christmas”…”You’ll be saying Merry Christmas again soon”

Pat Robertson, the “700 Club” host and Christian Broadcasting Network founder, asked President Trump if he is going to “take on heavyweights.” The president said that he doesn’t want to take on lightweights. He then turned to the topic of religious liberty: “We have to bring our country back. Our country was going in the wrong direction. And by the way, what they were doing to religious liberty: They were destroying religious liberty.”

He then added this firm statement on the effort to bring back Christian liberty in America: “You will be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again very soon”

Robertson responded:  “We’ll count on it.”

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President Trump previously stated that Democrats had been taking the wrong steps to improve the lives of all Americans: “You couldn’t build, you couldn’t do anything”

One of the focuses of the Trump agenda has been stripping away regulations so Americans can be more productive. In addition, the president believes in stripping away all of the supposed politically correct phrases including “Happy Holidays”. He’s drawn a red line on those who insist on shaming anyone who chooses to say “Merry Christmas”.

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While on the campaign trail, candidate Trump criticized the use of “Happy Holidays” as a substitute for “Merry Christmas”.  His support among Evangelical Christians has remained high, with many including Robertson praising his appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.


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