The rainbows and unicorn crowd decided they just had to complain about a gun manufacturer’s ad being in the Columbia, SC Airport. FN Manufacturing’s ad made travelers “upset” so it was taken down. Total BS!

Columbia Metropolitan Airport has removed a billboard-sized advertisement of a firearms manufacturer from its concourse.

The decision comes a day after The State newspaper reported the ad, featuring eight firearms from FN Manufacturing, upset some travelers. It touted, “Yeah, we carry.”

“I pulled in the commission, and really, they felt that given the negative feedback that it’d probably be better to bring it down,” said Dan Mann, executive director of the airport.

The Richland-Lexington Airport District approves all advertisements, including their text, content and graphics, according to the terms and conditions of their advertisement agreements.

Two other displays for FN will remain up: a different billboard and a promotional video at the escalators.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, who spotted the ad while at the airport Friday morning, said the banner with the multiple firearms wasn’t appropriate given its location.


“It was the wrong ad in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Benjamin said. “I could easily see why anyone, including gun owners, which I am, would be seriously alarmed.”


Benjamin stressed the city has a good relationship with FN Manufacturing, which has supplied Columbia Police Department’s firearms in the past. He said FN is a “good company.”

S.C. Poet Nikky Finney echoed Benjamin’s sentiment concerning the location in which the banner was displayed given “the tenor and the times we live in.”

“I’m trying to say that anything that goes up that looks like that and has that kind of attitude should be decided upon by a committee of people that understand that the young man that went to a church, pulled a trigger and took nine lives came from … Columbia,” said Finney, referencing the killing of nine worshipers at Emanuel AME in Charleston allegedly at the hands of Dylann Roof in June 2015.

Via: The State

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