President Trump followed through on another promise today. He donated his salary instead of taking any form of payment for being president. What other president would do that? Trump has a track record of being a generous person but many times you never hear about it. This is an exception…We love it!

Sean Spicer was in full-on game show host mode during Monday’s White House press briefing — or at least that’s how it must have felt to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park superintendent Tyrone Brandyburg.

Zinke and Brandyburg accompanied Spicer to the podium on Monday — where the White House Press Secretary announced that President Donald Trump was donating the salary from his entire first quarter as president to the National Parks Service.

“It is my pleasure, on behalf of the President of the United States, to present a check for $78,333, to the Secretary of the Interior Ron Zinke, and superintendent of the Harpers Ferry Park Sites, superintendent Brandyburg,” Spicer said.

Via: Mediate

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