The Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts is officially a putz who doesn’t have the ENTIRE communities interests at heart. He continually refuses to take down a huge Black Lives Matter banner at city hall. Yes, the city hall that ALL citizens of the community pay for and support. How does this help anyone? Dividing the community is the worst thing this mayor could do at a time of great division in America. This is why a group of war veterans decided to put up a banner saying, “ALL LIVES MATTER”.

One of the veterans has a great take on all this:

“In the military we’re all green. Everybody who served their country, their color was the same,” Killoren said. “When you were in a foxhole, you didn’t give a (expletive) what color they were. They’re saving your life. That sign is going to stay up on the post.” – Mark Killoren

A group of war veterans in Massachusetts hung an “All Lives Matter” banner over their town’s American Legion Post because they are tired of the protests over a”Black Lives Matter” banner the mayor refuses to take down.


“We seen what went on with City Hall. We’re not happy about it. We’re not knocking Black Lives Matter. We’re not knocking anybody … We don’t care about your color. We don’t care about where you come from — all lives matter,” post Commander Dave Chamberlain told the Boston Herald.

A banner reading “Black Lives Matter” has hung over the Somerville, Massachusetts city hall since August 2015. Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone refuses to take it down despite disapproval from the president of the Somerville Police Employees Association, Michael McGrath, and other police officers.

McGrath previously wrote a letter to Curtatone saying the majority of police officers must protect a movement that “loathes” them.

McGrath, some police officers and a few police unions held a rally in July to protest the banner.

“The banner implies that Somerville police officers are somehow responsible for racially motivated decision-making against minorities,” McGrath said to WWLP.

Despite the rally, Curtatone said the banner would stay.

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