“I would rather get hit by something, than let it hit them [police officers].” …We could use about a million more of these brave girls willing to take a brave yet peaceful stand against Soros’ paid protesters. 

Media coverage of the violence and riots that have marked the first anniversary of Mike Brown’s death by Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson has proven a serious rift remains between cops and certain segments of the population.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Lynden Steele, however, shared the stirring image of a young woman willing to put her own safety at risk to protect a line of police officers being targeted by violent protesters.

In a brief video uploaded by The Blaze, 19-year-old Lexi Kozhevsky explained why she felt compelled to take such a symbolic stand.

“Discrimination is a thing,” she acknowledged, “and I get it. But we need to stay with the people who protect us; and that’s what I’m doing.”

In an interview with the site, she continued:

Not all cops are bad. And that’s just what upsets me. When I call someone if someone robs me, I call the police. They are there to help us. I don’t think all cops are evil based on a few incidents.
Kozhevsky said she took precautions before standing in the line of fire.

“I was prepared for the worst,” she said. “It was scary. People were looking at me and making gestures.”

In the end, she concluded, “sometimes you just have to stand your ground.”

Viewers of Kozhevsky’s video were largely supportive of her stance, with many applauding such a bold move by such a young woman.

Via: Western Journalism

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