In a rare move, a throng of Republican students upset at ongoing harassment they face on campus took their complaints to the ultimate authority — the board of trustees (video below). Two liberals speak at the beginning of the video then Republican students get into it with well thought out arguments. It’s the right way to protest!

Some two dozen people — many of whom students — converged at the Coast Community College District board meeting en masse last week to voice concern at the discrimination they face at their school, asking for measures to protect them from discrimination based on their political diversity and ideological beliefs.

As the parade of students spoke, applause and high fives echoed through the room during a meeting that was charged with high emotion.

Many were also there to protest the fact that an instructor at the school, Olga Perez Stable Cox, who told her human sexuality class that Donald Trump’s election was an assault and “act of terrorism,” recently earned the faculty of the year award.

SHAKY CAMERA ALERT! A liberal is the first to speak about “extremist views” but the people in attendance weren’t having it. A professor who calls our President a terrorist is pretty darned extremist. The 7 minute mark is where the Republican students get to speak:

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Signs including “flunk Olga” were held by some in the audience, and others wore bright-red Make America Great Again and Trump hats.

Joshua Recalde-Martinez, a conservative student who’s been targeted with online death threats and graffiti vandalism, was the first of many students to speak at the meeting.

“This is not a left or right issue, this is a common-sense solution to a problem which springs from extremist partisan feelings from either side of the political spectrum against the other, and sadly those who advocate against these amendments seek to only allow further discrimination on college campuses throughout the district,” said Recalde-Martinez, president emeritus of the OCC College Republicans.

Vincent Wetzel, president of the OCC College Republicans, also spoke up. Saying he is a gay, Hispanic religious minority from a low-income household, he has never been more discriminated against for any other reason than being Republican.

“Republicans are the most targeted minority on our campus, and it is the duty of this board to defend minority students,” he said.

Via: The College Fix

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