Joe Biden was interviewed this morning by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Biden had just been on CNN with Chuck Todd for an interview.

At the end of the interview with Chris Wallace, Biden called Wallace “Chuck,” meaning Chuck Todd from CNN.

Wallace corrected Biden, who stumbled around a bit to make excuses for his blunder: “I tell you what man, these are back to back…anyway, I don’t know how you do it early in the morning too.”

Another awkward moment with Biden…How many is that now? We’ve lost count. It’s been obvious that Biden has a big problem remembering but, the media and those surrounding the former VP are enabling this embarrassing charade in hopes of Biden becoming the Dem nominee.

Chris Wallace Challenged Biden on his gaffes earlier in the interview:

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It was bound to happen during Joe Biden’s victory speech last night in South Carolina. He got confused like he usually does. This time he confused which office Democrat Jaime Harrison is running for in South Carolina.

Biden was ok on the teleprompter during his speech, but once he ad-libbed, he forgot.

Joe Biden is being propped up by the old-guard Democrats like James Clyburn, who was on stage with Biden during his speech. Shame on the people who keep pushing Biden to be the nominee.

“Folks, now we need to stand behind Jaime Harrison…the next President of the United…next Senator…South Carolina.”

This is the same candidate in South Carolina who was mistaken for Senator Tim Scott by Chris Matthews…This guy can’t get a break!

Chris Matthews was commenting on President Trump’s South Carolina rally tonight when he confused Republican Senator Tim Scott with SC Dem Senate candidate Jaime Harrison.

When Matthews realized his mistake, it made for a very awkward moment on-air. The other hosts are heard saying “Tim Scott” repeatedly to correct Matthews.

Look in the bottom right corner where the screen shows the rally is LIVE. Did he think the guy he was interviewing LIVE was also LIVE at the rally at the same time?

Matthews tried to move on, but it was a big gaffe for the veteran news anchor. Is Matthews becoming the Joe Biden of MSNBC?

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