Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she would be running for president yesterday in Lawrence, Massachusetts and it ended up like so many things Warren does…AWKWARD!

Warren was late arriving in the cold weather for the rally, and it looks like many of her supporters were ready to bail on her.

Watch the video below, and you’ll see supporters directly behind Warren walk away during her speech:

Warren’s latest awkward moments:

Watch, as Jesse Watters and his co-hosts on “The Five” mock Warren for saying things like, “I’m gonna get me a beer” and the disastrous press conference that revealed her lie about her Native American history.

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Lights and sound go out at a campaign event:

Watch how she reacts when things don’t go well during her appearance at around the 8:30 point.  It’s pretty priceless.

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With the recent revealing information that Warren lied about being a Native American on a Texas state bar form.

Is her campaign doomed before it even begins?

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