Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema made the far left in her party big mad today with her “no” vote on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

But it wasn’t just that she voted no, it was the way she did it that ticked off her fellow Democrats.


Did she really have to do it like that? That’s what the above tweet from a member of Julian Castro’s team asks. It can’t be that Sinema is an actually reasonable democratic politician who understands how ridiculous a $15/hr minimum wage is. No, she’s just cruel and heartless.

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Here are some other “boohoo” reactions that are particularly entertaining:

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Breaking: Sinema pro-poverty!

Oh no! She shops at Lululemon! How dare she! And yes, you are insane.

By the way, a minimum wage increase would not do any of those things. And I think Sinema understands this.

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