Kari Lake, the America First candidate running for Governor of Arizona, was recently attacked by the mainstream media for allegedly inviting a drag queen in to her home to perform while her daughter was present.

The left is attempting to paint her as a hypocrite because she has come out against drag queens performing in schools in the past.

The attack lacks any evidentiary basis except for a picture of Lake with a performer who was dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

Lake is now suing the drag queen who claims he performed at her house and has threatened to sue media outlets who promote the lie.

FOX News anchor Bret Baier amplified the attack during an interview on FOX News when he asked her to deny the allegations.

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She did not pull any punches against him for parroting a fake news story.


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The story originated with a drag queen who claimed that she had performed for Lake at her home.  The drag queen identified himself as Rick Stevens, who performs under the name “Barbra Seville”

Besides the accusations lacking any concrete evidence, Stevens motives are also suspect.

He frequently engages in left-wing activism online, including openly advocating for Lake’s potential opponent in the Governor’s election, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

In a separate post, he openly wished for the death of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), saying he would prefer that she was dead instead of Betty White.

Lake gave a statement to The Gateway Pundit regarding the accusation, saying “Richard’s accusations were full of lies,” she said, in a statement emailed to me. “The event in question was a party at someone else’s house, and the performer was there as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. It wasn’t a drag show, and the issue we’re talking about isn’t adults attending drag shows, either. The issue is activists sexualizing young children, and that’s got to stop.”


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