A mother from Phoenix, Arizona has gone viral for attending a school board meeting dressed as a cat to protest against the school’s woke agenda.

Lindsey Graham (no relation to the South Carolina Senator with the same name) is the host of the conservative “Patriot Barbie” podcast. She made headlines after showing up in a cat costume and speaking at a school board meeting, expressing her frustration with one of the school board members and their need to push their transgender ideologies onto the elementary school children.

Paul Bixler is a 72-year-old retired school teacher and principal who identifies as a transgender woman. Bixler now serves on the Liberty School Board. This is who Graham was addressing, although indirectly, at the meeting that night.

At the meeting, Graham went up to the podium and said, “I’m a cat. Meow, meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat… How many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat?… How many of you believe that your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat?”

After no attendees or board members responded, Graham continued, saying, “No one. You’re right. Truth prevails over imagination. Reality exists. Discernment is innate and something that we’re wired to have. One look at me, and you know this to be true. I’m a woman posing as a cat.”

After her bold statement went viral, Graham appeared on Fox News where she spoke with host Jesse Watters about the reason behind her appearance.

“This was a local school in my neighborhood where there was a member of the school board whose name is Paul Bixler,” Graham told Watters. “He’s a man. He’s very clearly a man.”

Bixler reportedly transitioned after his wife, Candace, to whom he was married for 36 years, died in 2017.

“The only thing he does to identify as a female is put lipstick on,” continued Graham. “He grew his hair out a little bit, and he wears his deceased wife’s clothing to school, to sporting events, to school events, to fundraisers, school events in front of the children.”

Paul Bixler, 72

She added that Bixler demands to be addressed as either “Paul” or “Ms. Bixler.”

Graham suggested that Bixler is going through a “gender identity crisis,” and added that “not only does he appear in front of the children and insist that the children define him as a woman, but he sits on the board and he’s making decisions for these children.”

In July, Bixler interviewed with AZCentral and insisted that the general reaction to their transition has been mostly positive.

“When I do get a reaction, it’s usually the little kids,” Bixler said. “They’ll kind of look at me, they kind of wonder what’s going on, and I just smile and wave at them and so on.”

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