Last week, AZ Republican Senator Kelly Townsend led a powerful prayer in front of a large group of American patriots outside of the facility where the Maricopa County election audit was taking place.

Father God, we prostrate our hearts before you today.

We see the danger coming. We see the storm clouds have risen. But we are not afraid, because we know there is a legion of angels surrounding us.

God, we beseech you—Expose the fraud!

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God, fill the hearts of the whistleblowers that they be strong. Lest they lose their jobs—there’s a better one waiting.

Father God, let not money and security be that which keeps our mouths closed, but open our mouths to speak the truth as to what has happened.

And hold those accountable who seek to destroy freedom in this great country that you have given us, God.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak over this state—over this country—and over this whole world, Lord, that benefits from the freedom we experience, God.

We speak in your name Jesus Christ, that you set things right, that you open up the secrets and you let us see and we hold those accountable, God in your name, who need to be held accountable, Lord. 

We speak these things in Jesus Christ’s name.


Watch Senator Townsend’s powerful prayer:

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On Wednesday evening, was discovered that the entire 2020 general election database had been deleted, only days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann wrote a letter exposing the incredible alleged criminal acts committed so far to cover up the fraud in the state the media and Democrats claim held free and fair elections.

Will anyone be held accountable for what appears to be a massive cover-up by someone or some group who doesn’t want the truth about what happened in this election to be found?

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