Last night, after a day filled with Democrat lawmakers calling for violence, a mob of pro-abortion fanatics descended on the Arizona Capitol and began to riot. The AZ Senate and AZ House were both in session when things outside the Capitol turned ugly, and police were forced to use tear gas to keep the insurrectionist mob from breaching the Capitol.

We spoke with Arizona State Representative Jake Hoffman (R), who gave us an exclusive inside look at what really happened inside and outside the Arizona Capitol last night.

Hoffman explained how Democrat lawmakers were mocking law enforcement before the attempted breach of the Capitol building by pro-abortion zealots. “Prior to the protest turned riot, Democrats inside the Arizona Capitol were mocking the brave police officers and SWAT officers as they arrived and prepared to put their lives on the line, if necessary, to protect the institutions of this great republic,” the AZ lawmaker explained.

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“From the early hours as the protesters began amassing and surrounding the Capitol buildings, it became apparent that the crowd had non-peaceful intentions. The voices on the speaker system outside could be heard from inside the building, seemingly amping up the crowd, whipping them into a frenzy as they held signs calling for the death of our nation’s highest court,” Rep. Hoffman explained.

He explained the frightening scene that took place outside of the House Chamber as the mob attempted to breach the AZ State Capitol building, “From the House Chamber, the crowd could be seen slamming against the plate glass windows on the front of the Senate building across the courtyard. Senators say they could see the large glass windows on the front of their chamber bowing and flexing under the weight of the riotous mob’s attacks until the rioters began their attempted breach of the Capitol by repeatedly kicking the locked doors to near-certain collapse.”

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Rep. Hoffman expressed his gratitude for the law enforcement officers Democrats mocked. “Had Arizona’s brave police officers not been present and immediately taken action to repel the attack, the outcome of their insurrection would have been so much worse, even fatal,” the Republican Arizona lawmaker told us.

Rep. Jake Hoffman wasn’t overly surprised by the violence he witnessed last night; he told us that pro-abortion leaders have been calling for violence for “days and weeks leading up to this dark day in our state’s history,” adding, “pro-abortion leaders in our state have been openly crescendoing their calls for violence, telling their supporters that there are no peaceful solutions left and that their only option is to start break stuff.”

ELECTED members of the AZ Senate and House, as well as a candidate running for House in the 6th District of Arizona, “liked” a tweet from Planned Parenthood Chair Chris Love where she says, “fighting back doesn’t mean pussy hats or petitions. Be ready to break some shit!”

Turning Point USA’s Tyler Bowyer tweeted examples of calls to violence by Democrats while an attempt to breach the Capitol was taking place, saying, “Now would be a good time to remind every voter in Arizona that the Planned Parenthood Chair has incited violent and criminal acts before and ELECTED members of the Democrat Caucus including AZ State Senator Raquel Terán, AZ Rep. Athena Salman and Democrat candidate Daniel Foraz all enthusiastically supported it.”

The Planned Parenthood Chief and her sister, who is also a school board member, really hate the police!

Tyler Bower also reveals a tweet  by a “reverend” whose response to the Roe vs. Wade was “F*ck the police!” The Planned Parenthood Chief  “liked” his tweet.

Bower wrote: “This “f the police” tweet was liked by the Chief of Planned Parenthood in AZ and commented on by her School Board Member sister. The PP chief (@legallylove) also tweeted today about abolishing the Police.”

“The calls for mob violence from the highest levels of the abortion industry lend credibility to the idea that the riot was premeditated. I have called on the Arizona House to open an investigative commission into the shameful events of June 24th in order to determine whether there was premeditation or advanced planning that led to the riot,” Rep. Hoffman said.

Hoffman had not yet received a response at the time of publication. 

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