Two months ago, the B-actor, Tom Arnold, whose only claim to fame is that he was once married to Roseanne Barr, made a disgusting racist, and vulgar comment on Twitter directed at female, black, conservative Candace Owens on Twitter, after she openly supports Kanye West’s remarks about his love for President Trump.

Arnold tweeted: “That’s a lot of extra words @RealCandaceO so you can suck racist d**k by trying to insult actual hero @ShaunKing hahahaha. #MAGA”

For those who aren’t up to speed on who Shaun King is, he’s the fake black guy who attempted to be a leader of the Black Lives Matter terror group. He was later outed as a white guy who was pretending to be black.

In his attempt to regain the relevancy he hasn’t had since he and his actual celebrity ex-wife Roseanne Barr divorced, B-actor Tom Arnold is desperately attempting to become the leader of the hate movement against President Trump and anyone attached to his family or administration. 

This time, however, the B-actor has taken things much too far, as he’s calling on fellow Democrats stalk the Trump family and their small children. 

Roseanne’s loser ex-husband is planning on stalking and harassing Trump Jr’s and Jared Kushner’s children. Hey is organizing child-stalking allowed on your platform? Oh, I forgot. You allow rape threats, so of course you would allow stalking children.

Arnold tweeted: “Dude, we can protest at The White House too. Also Melania takes him to school. We want to have a word with her. If we see babies tomorrow we’re going to Kushners kids school. Don Jr’s kids are already working at Hooters so we’ll protest there for lunch.”

Only two days ago, Arnold warned that “It ain’t’ over until the children are safe and the Trump Administration is not.” He also called our President and Attorney General Sessions “white trash” for daring to enforce the laws that haven’t been enforced for almost two decades.  

Executive Order my ass. Donald Trump & Jeff Sessions are lying white trash child abusing monsters. It ain’t over until the children are safe & the Trump Administration is not.

Where is Secret Service? And why hasn’t this freak who is openly threatening the Trump family and their children been arrested already?

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