Back alleys and blank ballots

Phil O’Halloran of Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity joined Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit to discuss a portion of his team’s findings, after months of research, about how voter fraud occurred and how there was no ballot security in the Detroit 2020 election.

Until the election debacle at Detroit’s TCF Center last November, Michigan voters might reasonably have assumed that when thousands of ballots are transported from Point A to Point B during a presidential election, it is done by an armored car with a police escort and top officials riding shotgun.

At the very least, ballot transfers are carefully documented with log entries every step of the way, right? Wrong. 

Ballot security at the TCF Center during the 2020 General Election was virtually non-existent. Yet, proper “chain of custody” is the central principle of ballot security and by extension, of every honest election. By its very nature, absentee voting involves transporting ballots from the voter to at least one processing facility, and from there to a counting board, and finally, to where they are to be stored. The first part of this process is handled by the US Postal Service. The rest is the responsibility of elected city and township clerks.

Proper chain of custody demands at least two workers performing each transfer, and they should be equipped with clipboards and “bills of lading” listing numbers of ballots transferred, times and signatures at the departure and arrival points, and someone checking to see if all the ballots that were sent arrived at their destination – and that no extra ballots were added along the way. In other words, a full accounting of all ballot movements is expected and demanded under the basic tenets of election integrity. However, inexplicably, it is not required by the Michigan legislature.

Instead, we learned that chain of custody, and thus ballot security in Detroit was pure fantasy. In fact, there was literally no meaningful chain of custody when thousands of voted absentee ballots were transported from any of 30 satellite centers or drop boxes to the Detroit Department of Elections (DOE) on West Grand Blvd or between the DOE and the TCF Center on Washington Blvd. in Downtown Detroit.

On November 2nd, O’Halloran’s team reported on the following activity in Detroit:

1:44 PM — Ballot trackers Steve Orsini and Tim Mahoney are monitoring the election proceedings from the alley behind the Department of Elections when a man comes out of the DOE carrying a stack of approximately 100 ballots openly, without any cover or container. He tells them he is bringing BLANK ballots to the Coleman A. Young Center several miles away. The man is traveling alone and is asked whether he has any transfer papers or chain of custody documents. He doesn’t answer the question but tells them he has done it five times already that day and adds “I have been doing this all week”. Mahoney relates the incident to GOP challenger and ballot tracker Phil O’Halloran, who drives to the Coleman A. Young Satellite Voting Center approximately two hours later. Here, he asks the supervisor if anyone had dropped off blank ballots. She responds that a young lady had come earlier with some ballots. When pressed about the man with the hundred blank ballots from DOE, she abruptly states she is too busy and asks him to leave. [Orsini, Steve, affidavit, O’Halloran, P. Author’s statement].

Michigan Election law states the following: 168. 716 Absent voters and other ballots; wrapping, sealing. Sec. 716

The ballots of each kind for each election precinct shall be wrapped and secured in 2 separate packages. Each package shall be securely sealed with a red paper seal furnished by the secretary of state and shall bear on its wrapper the name and number of the precinct and a certificate signed by the county clerk or some member of the board of county election commissioners or his or its duly authorized agent, setting forth the number and kind of ballots in such package and that such ballots were counted, packaged, and sealed by himself personally, or by his duly authorized agent.

2:02 pm — In the same alley behind Election HQ, Steve Orsini and Tim Mahoney observe another man pushing a dolly with 5 boxes on it across from the loading dock. Orsini notes that he had come out of the DOE building. One of the boxes is open and the contents appear to contain ballots. Orsini and Mahoney politely ask the man what is in the boxes and where he is going, after which he becomes very upset, starts yelling at them, and then proceeds to turn the dolly around and wheel the boxes back to the loading dock.

Man with the dolly in the alley behind the Department of Elections (DOE ). An open box appears to have ballots visible. When questioned he becomes irate, turns around, and goes back inside the DOE.

These and other little-known facts pertaining to the scandalous 2020 Election are revealed in riveting detail in TCF Timeline: the 2020 General Election in Detroit, soon to be released by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity ( The report’s author, Philip O’Halloran, while serving as a GOP challenger at TCF during the 2018 General and 2020 Primary Elections, saw no chain of custody safeguards in place in the transportation of thousands of ballots. So, in advance of the November 2020 General Election, he formed an informal group of approximately 30 “ballot trackers”, who were mostly Republican volunteers, to observe activities at many of the 23 satellite voting centers and 30 drop boxes located around Detroit during the 4 weeks leading up to the Election.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from TCF Timeline: the 2020 General Election in Detroit:


November 2nd — More ballots are transferred from the DOE to the TCF Center in large Penske trucks. Poor, if any chain of custody methods are employed. No log entries with the number of ballots transported, times, or names of transporters. The ballots are transported in open USPS trays (or in no container at all – see below) without a lid or any way to lock the contents.

Watch Phil O’Halloran and election expert Linda Lee Tarver of Tarver Consulting, explain in detail how the vote was stolen in the city of Detroit:

Here’s a portion of the timeline discussed in the interview that explains multiple cases of the broken chain of custody with ballots in the city of Detroit:

APPROXIMATELY 4:45 PM — GOP affiant and credentialed challenger, Poplawski, having waited outside the counting board since 12 noon, leaves the TCF Center without having been able to perform his duties as a challenger.

4:55 PM – Having been removed from the TCF Center by Detroit police for an alleged rules infraction, on the orders of election official Chris Thomas, ballot tracker and affiant Philip O’Halloran arrives at the Department of Elections to meet with fellow ballot trackers who had been observing the movement of ballots in the days leading up to the election.

There he notices a large Penske truck parked on Third Avenue facing north. It is a few feet from the alley leading to behind the DOE’s (Department of Election’s) rear loading dock. Behind it is a large white City of Detroit pickup truck with two men sitting inside. O’Halloran asks them if there are ballots in the Penske truck. The driver states that the truck is empty. After photographing both trucks, O’Halloran leaves the area. [The author’s affidavit, c. November 15th, 2020]

The Detroit Department of Elections building on West Grand Blvd in August 2021. This is election headquarters, where mailed ballots and those from over 20 satellite voting centers are received, processed, and transported to the AV Counting Board at the TCF Center.

Note the return of the drop boxes, which, according to critics, facilitate illegal ballot harvesting


APPROXIMATELY 9:30 PM – About 4 hours after leaving the Penske truck outside the Department of Elections (DOE ) and while on their way to a night shift at the TCF Center, GOP challenger Philip O’Halloran and his wife Cynthia return to the DOE to check on the status of the truck. Driving past the Penske truck they notice that the white pickup is still in the same position behind it and, after 4 hours, the two men are still sitting in the truck. This seems odd but they continue to the TCF, where they are barred entry by security, despite showing GOP challenger credentials. They then return to the DOE, where they spot the Penske truck driving past them in the opposite direction on Milwaukee. They do a U-turn and follow it down the Lodge Freeway to Steve Yzerman Blvd and the TCF Center, where the truck disappears inside the building through a service entrance in the rear of the complex.

9:45 PM – As Jennifer Seidl leaves the AVCB, she notes that the massive group of ballots that she had seen around mid-afternoon – those not showing up in the e-poll book and which all had the infamous 1/1/1900 birthdate – were still being processed.

10:45 PM – Philip and Cynthia O’Halloran gain entry to the TCF Center, where they encounter a dispute at the front door of the counting board. Here, Sgt. Scott Barrick’s 9-person SWAT team of the Detroit Police Department, called in under the pretext of broken windows, is now being asked to bar entry to GOP challengers, including Trump campaign official Brian Szmytke. Only those cleared by DOE official Sommer Woods are permitted to pass. Unable to enter the room, O’Halloran informs Sgt. Barrick that there is a Penske truck inside the TCF that MAY have ballots that arrived after 8 pm on November 3rd and that if such ballots were to be counted, that could constitute a crime.

Sgt. Barrick agrees to confirm the truck’s presence inside but admits that he does not plan to search the truck. He also states that he will report the information to a police investigator. Ultimately, the truck is never searched [Barrick, Sgt. Scott, Detroit PD., police report and Pers. Comm.]

EVENING – As perhaps the most chaotic and lawless election in the modern history of Detroit winds down, readers of Michigan’s M-Live learn that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has just characterized her state’s election as “exceptionally smooth”. [MLive, November 4th, 2020]

The American public has been gaslighted repeatedly with the false notion that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history”.  However, the documented record of events in Michigan (and other swing states) proves it was, in fact, the LEAST secure election in history.  And yet the Republican-dominated legislature has boarded this false media campaign train and has turned a blind eye.  It’s been said that you cannot fix a problem that you refuse to acknowledge.  And so, the corruption charade continues in Detroit.  Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity is working tirelessly to demand transparency and accountability by bringing the truth to light.   We don’t pay taxes to settle for a banana republic election outcome.  This is, after all………America!

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