Back The Blue? Antifa Attack Journalists, Police Do Nothing But Woke-Scold Them [VIDEO]



Tara Szczpanski is an independent journalist.  She reported on an ANTIFA rally held this week in NYC.  For the crime of being in the same public space as Antifa, she was assaulted and had objects thrown at her.  According to Tara, when she went to tell the police who saw it all happen, nearby, they first told her to stay six feet away from them and then did nothing.  See the Newsmax interview, above, for her story.


For almost a year now, Antifa and BLM have been allowed to freely riot in city streets around America.  They have caused billions of dollars in damage (including to hundreds of federal buildings), resulted in about 30 explicit deaths, and caused a radical increase in violent crimes and murders in cities across the country, that have resulted in thousands of deaths across the country.  This radical uptick in deaths and violent crimes statistically should not have occurred without the normalization or lawlessness by politicians and corporations colluding to condone violence and racism of BLM and ANTIFA in 2020.  Rioters across progressive cities around the country were released by the hundreds and never charged, often to offend again, multiple times without penalty.  As one of thousands of examples, the city of London included BLM in their fireworks display as a show of solidarity with the violent, separatist, racist group that seeks to undermine families in its charter.


Is it any wonder why America is in the lawless divided chaotic state that it is in?

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