The 2018 school year is starting and if there’s anything we’ve learned since President Trump won the election in 2016, pushing his DNC candidate opponent into the second place loser position, it’s that the liberals have become more unhinged than ever. One particular group of liberal who’ve become especially disgruntled are the far left teachers who allow their political beliefs to ruin their credibility and teaching skills.

Any teacher who brings their personal politics into the classroom, particularly for the young students, is someone who might not belong in a classroom, to begin with. Teaching is a job where caring people are paid poorly to provide facts and opportunities for students to expand their thinking, challenging them daily to elevate themselves to new levels while ensuring that they understand the basics all the way to the complexities. Teachers are the type of person who must remain neutral when it comes to politics to allow their classroom to decide for themselves who they align with during political discourse.

Some teachers just can’t do that. Some teachers have joined Antifa. Some teachers have thrown a fit because someone wore an article of clothing that supports President Trump. And some people, who may or may not be teachers, show up to events or protests with signs that talk about teachers but are extraordinarily stupid.

For example, the person holding this sign below clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. We can thank Caleb Hull for sharing this fine gem of oblivious glee.

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Obviously, Donald Trump has read a book or two. He’s literate. He’s successful. He’s every American’s president. It’s a fact that the guy can read. I would like to imagine he’s more literate than when Al Sharpton spelled RESPECT wrong and bungled it into a muttering RESPICT as he tried paying tribute to Aretha Franklin but embarrassed himself in the process by turning it into a political dig against Trump. Is everything the liberals talk about taking a u-turn into a Trump debate? It’s getting old, right?

In fact, Donald Trump has 100+ books listed on Good Reads with over 39,000 ratings. If there’s one thing Trump knows about, it is books. I bet he’s probably written more books than any teacher in America. Do you know any teachers who’ve written 100+ books? I don’t know any teacher who has written any books. What teacher would have time to do that when they’re busy working for free because they claim to grade homework all night (suckers)? Give me a break, and any teacher who works beyond the last bell of the school day is a major sucker getting taken advantage of. Why do so many teachers work for free? What’s wrong with them? Must be those horrible ineffective unions they’re part of.

Either way, when an unhinged liberal shows up to protest Trump with a sign that shows they literally have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re just there to get some social media likes, then I’m one of the people who think they should have their right to vote rescinded. How can someone comment on Trump and books while the guy has his name on over 100 of them?

I thought teachers were smart, but after seeing some of the incidents listed below, I’m wondering what district they work in and why it seems like they hire just about anyone.

Here are the type of teachers to watch out for.

Teachers who join Antifa – John Sheerin was arrested in Philadelphia. He’s a former teacher of the School District of Philadelphia who was arrested for threatening police officers according to sources. We’re supposed to respect the law and all first responders, even be a helping hand if they ever need it. He was seen on video getting in cops faces.

Far left Liberal teachers who trash Trump in class, but get owned by Latino students who use data and statistics from the FBI.

Teachers who can’t handle a Trump hat.

Then there are always people like Yvonne Mason (appears to be a public school teacher) who like to correct grammar, something that no one really cares about anyway. Who are the worst people on the Internet? The grammar police. They dance around the web with their little editor pencil sticking out of their highly raised noses looking for mistakes to harp on. Do they have any friends in real life? That’s debatable. This person thought it was funny to correct a letter that she received from the White House. It’s a letter that some intern most likely wrote and stamped Trump’s name on it when they were done. They probably wrote it in like 32 seconds, didn’t care what it said, and shooshed it away to be mailed to appeal to some nitpicking person who has nothing better to do.

Does it have mistakes? Yes. Are the corrections correct? Some are. Some are not. That’s the sad part. Someone corrected Trump’s grammar and didn’t get it all correct. Funny, right? Correct my grammar if, and only if, you are my teacher. If you are not someone’s teacher, but you correct their grammar, then there’s a good chance that fewer people like you than you thought. No one likes the grammar police.

Don’t forget to watch out for college professors who can’t handle themselves. They’re unhinged too! This one went on an anti-Trump tirade and that seems like it’s not part of the curriculum that students are paying good money for. Did these kids just go into college debt and get stuck paying for a teacher to cry about Donald Trump? I would demand a refund!

There are plenty more samples of unhinged teachers whining about Trump and Trump supporters. They need to stop crying or get out of the classroom. We don’t send our kids to school to be taught by closed-minded far leftist America hating teachers. We want good old fashioned America loving patriotic teachers who are proud of our country, allow students to chose their own path without interjecting their personal doctrines, and respect every student for the values they believe in. We also want teachers who believe boys should go into the boy’s room and girls should go into the girl’s room. Is this too much to ask?

I don’t want teachers to carry guns because there are teachers like this who exist! Send some well-trained police and veterans to protect our schools and I’ll support that 100%!

Teaching is one of the most undervalued and underpaid professions. No one would be successful without their foundations being built by teachers. We have to thank them and treat them well, but when they get out of line, then it’s time to let them know.

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