Attorney General William Barr is in the hot seat today testifying before a congressional hearing about the Mueller Report and is just destroying the Democrats with facts and law. These poor Democrats are trying their damnedest to have a gotcha moment with Barr but Barr is schooling them on laws, and it just isn’t happening. Our “lawmakers” clearly don’t know laws, but they make them…

Barr says Mueller was offered an opportunity to review the “no collusion” letter issued on March 24, and declined. Stands to reason, therefore, that Mueller had full faith in Barr to represent his findings accurately.

He said the Mueller report would be coming out in a week:

Barr reiterates that Mueller is currently participating in the redaction process, and says the rationale for all redactions will be specifically explicated. Barr says the Report will be issued “within a week,” consistent with what he said all along.

He took the wind out of the sails of the conspiracy theorists when he affirmed his willingness to testify before the Judiciary Committees about all aspects of the report once it is released. He also says he will work with Rep. Nadler to provide further information about redacted portions. Zero indication of any coverup or second-order conspiracy.

Attorney General William Barr: “I think that from my standpoint — within a week — I will be in a position to release the (Mueller) report to the public.” 

Barr continues to shoot down one Democrat after another. He addresses his inability to release Grand Jury testimony:

One bombshell dropped during Barr’s testimony:

AG Barr has asked Rosenstein to stay at DOJ longer than originally planned in order to conduct a full review of the Carter Page FISA warrant. Barr told Rosenstein to write a full summary of events and prepare to answer questions. The summary will be available in May or June.

He’s a brilliant lawyer who makes the Democrats look like bumbling idiots.


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