After defunding their police department, Seattle finds itself unable to investigate sexual assault claims

Seattle is a liberal’s dream city with a high cost of living, high substance abuse rate, defunded police and now no way to investigate new cases of adult sexual assault.

Photo by Ted S Warren/AP

An internal memo from the struggling and defunded Seattle police reveals that due to staffing issues resulting from the dramatic cutting of their budget, they are no longer taking on investigations into adult sexual assault cases.

From Fox News:

In the memo, titled “Staffing Issues,” Sgt. Pamela St. John said she currently is not able to assign new adult sexual assault cases “because of other statutory requirements.”

Just three years ago, the unit had 12 skilled detectives, but at the time the memo was written, there are only four remaining.

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“This depletion has left the remaining detectives with unsustainable caseloads,” St. John wrote. “That burden is even more impactful in our unit given the content and nature of the investigations which directly leads to secondary issues such as burnout and compassion fatigue.”

“The community expects our agency to respond to reports of sexual violence and at current staffing levels that objective is unattainable,” St. John wrote. “The necessity for on-call detective response to Sexual Assault cases cannot be understated, but with current staffing levels the burden that falls upon our detectives is too high. A skilled detective is required to proactively investigate a sexual assault case.”

This is what happens, unfortunately, when they cut law enforcement budgets. They end up with an understaffed police department which is physically incapable of doing due diligence to all the cases which appear, and eventually the rule of law will break down entirely.

“This year alone I have 30 adult sexual assault cases that should be assigned to a detective if I had proper staffing,” she said

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That’s 30 instances which aren’t able to be investigated because liberals caved to BLM Marxists and defunded their own police department, leaving them at the mercy of criminals with no capacity for enforcing the law or serving justice.

The entire notion of defunding the police is as ludicrous as if you wanted to abolish prisons (which many leftists also want) or defund courts. It leaves a city’s population more vulnerable and causes justice to be miscarried.

And yet, that is precisely what Seattle has done to themselves. It is also what many prominent Democrat politicians and supporters want for the whole country.

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