What’s that?

More celebrities are voicing their skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine?

And they’re doing it on Tucker Carlson’s new show?

Now that’s the kind of party I want to join!

In a recent episode of Tuck’s Twitter show (which, by the way, he’s totally rocking even after his departure from Fox News), rapper Ice Cube climbed aboard for a drive around South Central Los Angeles and let loose with his own vaccine skepticism.

“I never wanted to be controlled,” the rapper shared. “It was six months, kind of a rush job. And I didn’t feel safe.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But, the CDC says it’s safe!”

But doesn’t it make you pause to wonder why someone like Ice Cube — a man who’s seen and experienced a lot in his life — isn’t convinced?

Why are we seeing more and more high-profile people speaking out about their vaccine hesitancy?

And it’s not just about Ice Cube.

It’s about the fact that they’re choosing to voice their opinions on Tucker Carlson’s platform — a man who’s been largely demonized and silenced by the mainstream media.

Despite all this, he’s staying relevant, and he’s still a force to be reckoned with. It’s as if he’s running an underground railroad for free speech.

Who would have thought Ice Cube of all people would be on board?

So, hats off to you, Tucker Carlson and Ice Cube.

Keep speaking your truth. It just goes to show you that not all the power in this country resides in the halls of government.

Sometimes, it’s riding around South Central L.A. in a car with a rapper and a journalist who refuse to be silenced.

And that, my friends, is truly a ride worth taking.

One of the first outlets to cover the story was Billboard (but pay attention to their bias):

Ice Cube took a drive around South Central Los Angeles with fired Fox commentator Tucker Carlson on the latest episode of the controversial host’s new Twitter (né “X”) show on Tuesday and held forth on his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccines. “I never wanted to be controlled,” said the rapper born O’Shea Jackson, 54, during the chat.

“It wasn’t ready. It was six months, kind of a rush job. And I didn’t feel safe,” added Cube about the more than 670 million doses of vaccine administered to U.S citizens between Dec. 2020 and March 2023, which the CDC deemed “safe and effective,” with “rare” side effects; in fact, the CDC to date has confirmed just 9 deaths directly attributable to the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of a rare blood clot caused by the Johnson & Johnson shot. In addition, a December report from the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy claiming that through Nov. 2022 the vaccines prevented more than 18.5 million U.S. hospitalizations and 3.2 million deaths, while saving the country $1.15 trillion.

So, Ice Cube has dropped yet another bombshell in his candid chat with Tucker Carlson.

Not only has he refused the vaccine and stood up for his beliefs, but he has revealed something that you won’t hear often in mainstream media.

“Yes I do, and they suffer every day, and it’s hard to watch,” Ice Cube responded when asked if he knew anyone that has been injured by the vaccine.

Now, stop for a second and let that sink in.

This isn’t a faceless statistic or a rare, one-off occurrence.

This is someone that a high-profile celebrity like Ice Cube knows personally.

Yet, we are led to believe that such incidents are few and far between.

So, what gives? Why is it that a celebrity like Ice Cube is having to bring such instances to light? Why is it that we have to turn to alternative platforms to hear these stories?

Cube didn’t want to be the poster boy for the anti-vaxx movement. He didn’t want to wave a banner saying, “Look at me, I didn’t get the jab.” No, he wanted to quietly stick to his convictions, protect his kids, and face the consequences head-on. He was willing to lose not just the $9 million he missed out on, but potentially much more.

And for what? For simply refusing to toe the line? For having the audacity to question the narrative and put his own and his family’s health first?

The folks at the Daily Beast provide more details on Cube’s intentions:

After Carlson asked if that had been a tough call to make, Cube responded: “No, it wasn’t a tough call. I wanted to be an example for my kids, really make sure they wouldn’t take it either, show them that I want to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more, because we’ve probably lost more since then.”


Ice Cube also insisted he never wanted his vaccination status to be made public in the first place. “I never told anyone not to get vaccinated publicly. That was never my message to the world,” he said. “I didn’t even want people to know whether I got vaccinated or not. I was pretty upset that that even came out, because I was just gonna quietly, you know, just not take it and deal with the consequences as they came.”

And when Carlson asked Ice Cube if he knows anyone that has been injured by the vaccine—a question sure to inflame anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories—Cube responded, “Yes I do, and they suffer every day, and it’s hard to watch.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like there are many untold stories out there.

People who have been affected, who are suffering in silence.

So why are we not hearing about them?

Why does it take a rapper in a car with Tucker Carlson to bring these stories to light?

We need to start asking the tough questions.

We need to start demanding the full picture.

And most importantly, we need to start listening to all voices, not just the ones that fit the prevailing narrative. B

ecause the truth, as they say, will out.

And sometimes, it comes from the most unexpected places.

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