In yet another round of criticism over Anthony Fauci’s consistency, Jay Bhattacharya, medicine professor as well as an epidemiologist at Stanford University, criticized Fauci’s inconsistencies during a recent panel discussion on “The Ingraham Angle Medicine Cabinet”. Dr. Bhattacharya pointed out that the masks that have been officially recommended to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are not effective if the virus in question is aerosolized, which Covid-19 is. Moreover, in a counter to Fauci’s defense of changing positions as the facts change, Dr. Bhattacharya pointed out that the leaked emails show that Fauci knew from very early on that the Covid-19 virus was indeed aerosolized, thereby invalidating the intellectual basis for his mask recommendations.

In contrast, Dr. Bhattacharya has commended the more economically laissez-faire approach taken by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in dealing with the situation in the Sunshine State. Indeed, the released emails also reveal that Fauci acknowledged the inability of masks to prevent infection and in fact is only effective at helping those infected from spreading the virus to others who are in close proximity to them, thereby making the mask mandates that have plagued the country for over a year largely ineffective with regards to combatting Covid-19. Indeed, it has been revealed that Fauci recognized that the virus particulates are too small for the standard-issue masks to block.


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