You can almost taste the desperation in the air, can’t you?

Time and time again, the establishment takes aim, fires, and misses when it comes to President Trump.

But here’s the million-dollar question: why is Trump’s popularity skyrocketing amidst this frenzy of so-called ‘indictments’?

And why does it feel like every hit against him only fuels his momentum?

Just what does Trump represent to the American people that makes him seemingly invincible against these political onslaughts?

The numbers speak for themselves, but for the mainstream media, math seems to be a challenging subject.

As Trump’s numbers soar and his potential 2024 nomination becomes increasingly inevitable, his rivals find themselves gasping for air in the political deep end.

But here’s the kicker: What’s the real reason behind this unwavering support for the 45th president?

Is it just loyalty, or is there a deeper sentiment brewing in the hearts of the American majority?

Get ready, because what comes next might just redefine everything you thought you knew about political loyalty in America.

CBS News confirms this is Trump’s LARGEST polling lead yet:

Well, there’s no debate about this: Right now, the Republican Party would easily re-nominate Donald Trump for 2024. And it’s not close.

The former president now holds his largest lead over his rivals in our polling amid his recent legal troubles. In fact, most of his voters cite those troubles as yet one more reason to show him support.

His nearest — but not too near — rival Ron DeSantis has fallen even further back. Everyone else is in single digits.

Trump voters’ affinity for him seems to insulate the former president from attacks whether or not he debates this week, because voters basically say they aren’t receptive to such criticism.


Instead, a whopping nine in 10 GOP primary voters want the other candidates to focus on making the case for themselves, but not against Trump.

They dismiss the premise of the charges: the bulk of them do think Trump tried to stay in office, but to them, it was legal and constitutional because these Republican primary voters overwhelmingly think Joe Biden didn’t win legitimately.

Pop quiz: Do you remember that iconic moment in 2015, when a certain businessman rode down an escalator and announced he was running for president?

You might as well call it the moment the establishment’s heart collectively skipped a beat.

Since that day, it’s been a relentless tug-of-war: Donald Trump and the people on one side, the entrenched establishment on the other.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the subsequent years, it’s that when it’s Trump vs. The Establishment, you can bet the house on Trump.


Ever wonder why every attack on Trump by the elites only cements his status as America’s outsider champion?

Because it’s not just about him.

It’s about an idea, a vision of an America that prioritizes its people over power plays and backroom deals.

When Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’, he wasn’t just targeting political adversaries; he was challenging the entire status quo.

And let’s be real, the establishment was never ready for a president who truly loved and fought for America, first and foremost.

So, fast forward to the present.



One might think it’d be enough to tarnish the legacy of the 45th president. But here’s the twist: with each attempt to undermine him, his popularity seems to soar ever higher among his base.

It’s as if every elite’s disdain translates into another affirmation for Trump’s supporters that he’s on the right path.

Even the Associated Press confirms Trump’s unwavering loyal base:

After every new indictment, Donald Trump has boasted that his standing among Republicans only improves — and he has a point.

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans — 63% — now say they want the former president to run again, according to new polling from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That’s up slightly from the 55% who said the same in April when Trump began facing a series of criminal charges. Seven in 10 Republicans now have a favorable opinion of Trump, an uptick from the 60% who said so two months ago.

But in a crucial warning sign for the former president and his supporters, Trump faces glaring vulnerabilities heading into a general election, with many Americans strongly dug in against him. While most Republicans — 74% — say they would support him in November 2024, 53% of Americans say they would definitely not support him if he is the nominee. Another 11% say they would probably not support him in November 2024.


But hang on, because while the establishment may be crying foul, the numbers are painting an entirely different picture.

Do you feel the electricity in the air?

It’s like 2015 all over again.

If the Establishment continues with their witch hunts, they may find themselves experiencing 2016 all over again.

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