Joe Biden touted his poll numbers at a “bipartisan” picnic as he made a young child scream

Joe Biden, notoriously out of touch with reality, thinks he is popular.

Biden had a very poor event during a White House garden party Tuesday afternoon, in which he managed to be creepy around children, get into an argument with a reporter, and lie about his polling numbers all before heading off to embarrass us internationally in the Middle East.

Biden claimed that 92% of Democrats would vote for him if the election was held today, while ignoring that 64% of primary voters in the Democratic party want someone else. He got into an argument over this with a reporter, telling them to “read the polls, Jack” and saying “you guys are all the same.”

Later, he was seen stroking the face of Rep Raja Krishnamoorthi’s daughter, Sonia, in his usual semi-creepy way.

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However, the true highlight of the garden party was when Joe Biden made a toddler scream during a selfie with the child and his parents.

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Joe Biden’s creepiness around children knows no bounds, and clearly discomforted this child. While the parents grin for a selfie, the kid screams on as if he knows how awful Biden is.

The purpose of the garden party was to foster “bipartisan” efforts, however very few Republicans attended. The main highlights were Biden being his usual self, arguing with reporters, denying polls, and making children uncomfortable.

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