The first presidential debate is in the books.

Debate moderator, Fox News host Chris Wallace did his best to give Joe Biden an advantage by repeatedly interrupting President Trump and treating him with a total lack of respect. By the end of the first question, it was clear that Wallace was determined to affect the outcome of the debate.

The Trump War Room counted 76 times that Wallace interrupted President Trump, while he only interrupted Joe Biden 15 times.

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Unfortunately for Democrats, polls following the debate seem to reveal that viewers didn’t allow Wallace’s shenanigans to skew their views on the substance of the debate.  The Hispanic speaking Telemundo News conducted a poll of viewers following the debate, and the results should be of concern to Democrats. The Telemundo poll showed an astounding 66% of viewers felt that Trump won the debate and only 34% believed Biden won the debate.

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Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted the results of 3 polls. In addition to the Telemundo News poll, the CSPAN poll showed 53% of viewers felt Trump won while only 29% of Biden supporters believed he won the debate.

This is bad news for Democrats, who believe they have the lock on the Hispanic vote in November.

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