The Republican Party is winning back the female vote as the gender gap shrinks

Across the board, Republicans are polling better in 2022 than they did in 2018. Black and Hispanic voters both view the Republican Party today more favorably than they did in 2018. Parents, young people, and other crucial groups are also reportedly trending more red than before as well. And so are women.

As the leaked decision on Roe v Wade stirs up much of the turmoil and protests in the street that liberals had hoped for, they also expected it to further widen the gap in voting habits between men and women. Turns out, it hasn’t.

The spread between men leaning Republican and women leaning Democrat which they would have hoped to have widened has actually shrank from 14 points from 2020 and 9 points from 2018.

This comes mostly from women leaving the Democratic Party, rather than men leaving the Republican Party.

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Gallup polls have shown that not only are women not as fanatical about abortion as Democrats had hoped, but that they’ve been among the most disaffected groups when it comes to Biden.

The approval rating of Biden among women voters has dropped by a larger percentage than has the approval rating among men.

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Meanwhile, many popular  GOP candidates in the midterms are women–such as Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey, Arkansas’s gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Oregon’s gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan, and Arizona’s Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

The GOP is not “becoming” the party of women. The GOP has always been the party of everyone, unlike their Democratic rivals which try to court specific minority groups’ votes and interests.

It appears now that women, like many other groups of people, are seeing this and voting accordingly. The Democrats use divisive tactics like Roe v Wade’s leak, and threatening that women and LGBT will never be safe in a country which doesn’t allow infanticide. The Republican Party does no such thing. Now, look how much more we’re winning.

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