As Macomb County, MI goes, so goes the country?

It’s a question being asked in light of Michigan’s stunning shift from blue to red in the 2016 presidential election, where Donald J. Trump got 48,348 votes (54% of the vote) from the formerly blue county. Democrat Hillary Clinton pulled down 42 percent of the vote, and the Detroit News endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson ended up with 3% of the vote. Trump won Michigan by only 13,107 votes.

In 2008, Macomb County voters chose Barack Obama over Republican Senator John McCain, again, in 2012, they chose Barack Obama over Michigan-born Mitt Romney. The last time Macomb County went for a Republican was in 2004, to elect George W. Bush for his second term.

“My suspicion is that what happened in Macomb is the same as what happened especially across the upper Midwest,” said Timothy Bledsoe, a political science professor at Wayne State University. “There was kind of a revolt of working-class whites … who’d been part of the Democratic coalition for years.” – M-Live

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Auto-workers account for a large percentage of voters in must-win Macomb County, MI, and on Saturday, they showed up in a big way for Donald Trump, in their second flash mob rally for Trump of the year. The Trump rally was held in Sterling Heights, MI, on the corner of a busy intersection, only a short distance from some of America’s largest auto manufacturing plants. Bikers For Trump, MI, headed up by Londa Gatt, also had a big presence at the event. The number of people who attended the rally was estimated at around 300.

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We attended the rally and were pleasantly surprised by the large number of motorists passing by the rally who offered their support by way of a thumbs-up, or by blowing the horn on their vehicles. My 22-year-old daughter attended the rally with me, and was shocked that every single semi-truck driving by the rally blew their horns, many of them giving a thumbs-up or a fist pump in the air to show support for Trump.

It was pretty clear by the end of the day that Macomb County is solidly behind Trump and not afraid to show their support. Another thing that was clear, is that Trump supporters have a positive attitude. They’re serious about our economy and don’t want to take the chance of allowing a Democrat to win in 2020 and take away all of the efforts made by President Trump to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

The positivity of Trump supporters in Macomb County, who are confident about his chance of winning re-election is infectious. Watch, as participants at the Auto Workers for Trump rally dance to music blaring from Rob Cortis’ Trump Unity Bridge.

Jazmine Early is a legal immigrant for Columbia and a vocal advocate for President Trump and his immigration policies. Early doesn’t understand why Americans think it’s okay for unvetted immigrants to sneak across our borders, while others, like her, wait in line to become productive, legal citizens of the United States.

“Pixie” (pictured below in the MAGA hat) was the Trump rally mascot.

Law enforcement officers stood behind the rally and interacted with patriots who showed their appreciation for their service. The photo below shows a Trump supporter at the rally, who was open carrying and having a respectful conversation with the police officers at the event.

In 2018, we attended a Trump rally in Washington Twp. MI, located in Macomb County. Notice the difference between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protestors.

Watch how easy it is to trigger angry, anti-Trump liberals:

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