Fox News host of the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham tweeted stunning images of massive crowds that attended President Trump’s El Paso, TX rally on February 11. According to reports, over 30,000 people registered to attend the event.

Ingraham tweeted an image of the massive crowd of attendees who couldn’t get into the venue. Thousands of Trump supporters can be seen waiting outside the event in 45-degree temperatures.

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The media made every effort to downplay the size of the crowd at Trump’s El Paso rally. Wait until the media sees who attended the rally…

According to Axios – According to Brad Parscale, President Trump’s rally in El Paso this week drew the most Democrats of any of the president’s campaign events since his election.

According to figures provided to Axios by Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, an estimated 50% of the roughly 30,000 people who registered online were Democrats, 25% were swing voters and 25% were Republicans.

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People registering for the rally submitted a phone number when they requested tickets, and that information was used to match the person with party voting data. (It’s unclear how many of those who registered online attended in the venue or in the overflow outside.)

An estimated 70% of registrants were Hispanic, according to the data.

Two-thirds had voted in two or fewer of the past four elections, per the data.

The El Paso County Coliseum, where the event was held, holds about 6,500 people, the El Paso Times reported. The El Paso Fire Department told the paper the attendance “might be 10,000 with the people outside.”

Parscale said: “Our data shows that President Trump is building a coalition that extends far beyond the traditional Republican base.”

Epoch Times photo of young Trump supporters from President Trump’s El Paso rally.

Newsweek immediately tried to discredit Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale’s claim. Parscale wasted no time in hitting back, calling the rabidly anti-Trump publication, #FakeNews, saying,  We scan every ticket that came into El Paso. We know exactly who came in. My data is n=30968. This is a giant sample and shows New Mexico is in play for 2020.

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