Over the weekend we were all treated to countless reports by most of the mainstream media focusing on anti-gun activists — some of them Parkland survivors — marching on D.C. in an effort to trade freedom for security, demanding Congress place strict limits on the God-given right to self-defense for innocent, law-abiding citizens across the country.

Many would look at the sheer number of folks attending the March For Our Lives and simply assume that our Second Amendment rights’ goose is cooked, done for, getting ready to go the way of the dinosaur, as hearts and minds continue to be persuaded that guns are to blame for the murderous rampages covered in the nightly news.

That’s the fantasy the left wants you to believe, but it’s not quite the whole truth. In fact, if you analyze Google search trends you’ll see a different story entirely.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

As the Daily Caller first noted, Google searches for the term “NRA membership” spiked during the March For Our Lives gun control rally.

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Data for the search term “NRA membership” dating back to 2004 reveals that searches for the phrase spiked higher over the weekend than it did even in response to the gun control push and campaign against the NRA after Sandy Hook.

As can be seen in the graph, the baseline interest in the NRA elevated at the start of the Obama-era and has remained at about the same level since, except after major school shootings.

The first major school shooting that pops up on the graph is the Sandy Hook massacre, which happened after former President Barack Obama was re-elected and the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

The second major school shooting that shows up on the graph is the Parkland shooting, and, as can be seen, searches for the term “NRA membership” smashed Google’s all-time records for searches for that specific term.

Interestingly, when the Virginia Tech school shooting happened back in 2007 — which is considered the deadliest school shooting in American history — there was no spike at all in search terms relating to the NRA. This is most likely due to the fact the shooter used handguns instead of an “assault style rifle.”

Democrats and gun grabbers would have likely realized the futility of attempting to take on the idea of gun control for handguns, thus they left it alone.

The bottom line is, don’t believe all the hype you hear coming from CNN and other major left-wing news networks who might be pushing a narrative that says the overwhelming majority of Americans are in favor of strict gun control laws and are against the NRA. It’s simply not true.

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