Badass GOP Rep Destroys Democrat Hypocrite Who Blames Getting COVID on Fellow Republicans During Capitol Siege

Marjorie Taylor Green, a strong conservative GOP Representative from Georgia, is fighting back against absurd and insincere accusations from Democrat lawmakers that Trump supporters and Republicans are uniquely to blame for are to blame for spreading illnesses like COVID.

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“I hope you recover from COVID19 without any complications!” said Marjorie, who wished no illness upon any of her political opponents.  However, she did point out the blatant and perpetual hypocrisy and absurdity of the accusation, itself:


Before you point fingers at me or anyone else, you need to talk directly to Nancy Pelosi about exposing all of us to covid when she called back POSITIVE covid House members last week for votes for speaker!

Perhaps Democrat Rep Pramila Jayapal got infected during the vote for speaker and didn’t realize it.  We are told by the government that it has an incubation period.  And, she is well-known to walk around without a mask!  Scandalous.



Pelosi is no stranger to COVID hypocrisy and double speak.  We reported last year that, while Pelosi ordered lockdowns for all other businesses, she insisted on scheduling her own encounter with an expensive hair stylist.  During her luxurious visit, she did not wear a mask or abide by any of the draconian health protocols that she has helped to implement across America and California to devastate 330 million Americans and their businesses.  She got plenty of well-deserved blowback for this disgusting display of totalitarian hypocrisy:

Priceless Video of Pelosi Shaming Mask-less Americans Combined With Video Showing Her Without Mask

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