A petition started by government workers has over 70,000 signatures protesting a Christmas gift from Obama that gave them a half day off on December 26th. It was just not good enough…Government employees wanted a full day off this year over the Christmas Holiday. Bah Humbug!

President Barack Obama just gave all government employees a surprise holiday present.

On Friday, he signed an executive order announcing that employees only have to work a half day.

But that was not good enough for many – as a petition was started for them to get the whole day off, as they did on December 26 last year.
Obama wrote in his order this year: ‘The benefits of the executive order include recognizing the dedication of Federal employees serving the public, improving workforce morale, and valuing a family-friendly work environment.’

Last year federal employees were granted the entire day after Christmas off from work. December 26 fell on a Friday then.
As a result, a petition has been started demanding federal employees get the entire day off on Christmas Eve this year, which falls on a Thursday. It would mean for many that they get Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, like last year.

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‘We feel unappreciated with pay freezes and constant threats of government shutdowns,’ reads the petition.
It then adds; ‘Giving federal employees Thursday December 24th off paid, would go a long way in showing that we deserve nothing but the best for our daily contributions in serving the people and would show how much our accomplishments and dedication deserves.’
So far more than 70,000 people have signed the petition.

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