During normal times, the bootlicking MSM would be gushing over every jumbled word falling out of Joe Biden’s lying mouth; enamored over his exceptional taste in ice-cream flavors, his ability to decipher between his wife and his sister, and elated when he makes it up the stairs without breaking a hip.

These are not normal times and even the sycophantic media knows when to jump ship.

Here’s ABC’s Terry Moran letting the Big Guy have it:

“He blamed the Afghan Government, he blamed the Afghan troops, he blamed the Afghan people…He did not in any way accept responsibility for the catastrophe that’s unfolding in Kabul.”


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CNN’s Jake Tapper:

“President Biden keeps trying to change the subject from this inept withdrawal…” He says withdrawing 2500 troops and then sending 6000 back, “…that’s on its face an example of a failure.”



Even Former Obama advisor David Axelrod is disgusted:

“You cannot defend the execution here, this has been a disaster.” Watching Afghans clinging to aircraft, desperate to flee in anticipation of being slaughtered, Axelrod says, “it is heartbreaking, it’s depressing..it’s a failure and he needs to own that failure…”


It is agonizing to watch and know the terror our feckless “president” has exposed our Afghan allies to. His utter incompetence endangers not only Americans but our allies around the world who will likely never trust an American administration again.

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