Unemployment is bad enough but black unemployment is HUGE! It’s reality ironic that Obama was elected to be the savior of the black community yet things have never been worse for urban black America. Now Obama’s State Department and the United Nations think it’s a great idea to being in MORE unemployed people from Syria. Our government continues to NOT do what’s best for Americans and it’s sucking the life and money out of communities everywhere.


The war in Syria is forcing millions to flee their homes, and the United States is working to accept 10,000 of the fleeing refugees over the next year.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Baltimore has resettled more than two dozen Syrians so far this year, and they are preparing to help more.

“They are desperate to seek safety,” the IRC’s executive director, Ruben Chandrasekar, said. “They are desperate to be given a new chance at a new life.”

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*The International Rescue Committee in Baltimore has welcomed 26 Syrians by providing them with the tools to succeed, including a furnished apartment and even employment.*(Your tax dollars at work)

They say their program is successful because refugees are eager to start their new lives free from persecution.

“They want nothing more than to get employed, pay their taxes and be able to do the normal stuff you and I take for granted,” said Chandrasekar.

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