The last time videos of violent attacks on police officers in Baltimore were in the news, America’s most anti-law enforcement officer President of the United States, Barack Obama was in office.

With Democrats still firmly in charge of the broken city, violence against law enforcement officers trying to do their job continues.

Baltimore Sun reports – City officials condemned a viral video that captured a Baltimore Police sergeant being kicked by onlookers as he struggled to restrain a male on the ground Friday night.

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“I am outraged, as any resident of Baltimore should be, by this incident,” Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a statement Saturday. “We cannot, and will not, allow any member of the public, or one of our officers, to be assaulted. We are now working to identify everybody involved and, when we do, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Harrison said that just before midnight, a sergeant was doing a business check in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue when a person in the business became argumentative with the sergeant and spat in his face.

A video that appears to capture the aftermath shows the officer straddling a male, attempting to arrest him, as a group of bystanders surround the officer, some of whom then kick the officer. Another person in the crowd can be seen attempting to pull the male away from the officer, dragging the male as the officer continues to restrain him.

Police arrested one person and are attempting to identify the onlookers who kicked the officer, Harrison said.


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