Facts are funny things with the gun grabbing liberal lefties…they don’t do things based on facts but do them based on emotion. As with so many other things, the Obama administration feels compelled to act on something, anything to do with gun control. Why? I’ll tell you why…it’s on Obama’s bucket list and just like everything else, it’s all about political ideology. Anyone who knows anything about guns knows that gun control is NOT the problem. I grew up around guns…lots and lots of guns. So many people I know have guns and are responsible gun owners. Trust me, the problem isn’t with guns…Here’s evidence below:

The chart below from the DOJ and FBI puts the theory that more control laws equal safer civilians to rest, and Liberals don’t want you to see it.


1.) The Sodbusters – The United States was pretty well settled by 1885, with homicide rates that generally reflected the country of origin of the settlers. Most areas homicide rates were as low as 0.4 per 100,000 population, or 1 murder for 250,000 population. The exceptions were some notorious cities such as New York and San Francisco.

2.) Labor Wars The same labor problems that very nearly destroyed the British Monarchy visited the US. While the homicide rates stayed extremely low by today’s standards, murder rates were terrifyingly high by the standards of the time. The resulting gun control laws that were intended to disarm strikers and scabs hit everyone, and the homicide rate more than tripled.

3.)Sullivan’s Turnaround –  The labor wars took a breather in 1909 and 1910, with a slight decrease in both homicide and violent crime rates. There were well founded hopes for continuing decline in those rates but New York’s “Big Tim” Sullivan destroyed those hopes with New York’s Sullivan Law and the soaring crime rates that caused.


4.)Bathtub Gin and Gun Control – As a result of further labor problems, WWI, prohibition, and the rise of gangs such as Capone’s, murder and violent crime rates did not come down until 1934, when prohibition was a dead letter and cash strapped police departments stopped enforcing gun laws that should never have been passed in the first place.

5.)The Black Market Spike – During WWII the same gangs that fought for alcohol distribution rights fought to supply the black markets with everything from kerosene, meat, and catchup, to tobacco, and yes, booze. While law eforcement came down hard, it was still enough to cause a short term spike in murder rates.

6.) The Second American Gun Control Drive – The second gun control drive effectively began in early 1963 and the results were immediately obvious. Homicide rates doubled in a decade, going from a rate of 4.6 per 100,000 population in 1963 to an official rate of 9.4 per 100,000 in 1973 and 9.8 in 1974. The apparent short term declines between 1973 and 1991 are a result of under-reporting crime totals, and not an actual decline. That decline did not come until…

7.) Relaxed gun laws and falling crime rates –  By 1991 the beneficial effects of Florida’s Concealed Carry Weapons permit system had become obvious. The two murders a day in Florida’s roadside rest areas had disappeared, violent crime and homicide rates were “falling off a cliff, and people sorely beset by violent crime were begging their legislators for relief. And for concealed carry.
8.) And now, with murder rates at a 100 year low And now, with a year and a half years of decline to add to the post 1993 decline, it appears the United States murder rate is at its lowest point since 1910. And it is obvious that the ruling faction in the Democratic Partei wants to drive murder rates back to where they were in the 1980’s. It is also obvious that they must be stopped.


Liberals want, instead to put forth anecdotal evidence of shootings, and claim that they are wide spread. They want you to believe that the reason for mass shootings is that guns are too readily available. After all, if we were to ban guns completely, the murder rate in America would plummet, right?

This theory that liberals push never holds water when compared to the facts.

In Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown, as well as Washington D.C., where Barack Obama lives now, residents faced strict gun restrictions from their government, and yet gun violence soared and murder rates continued to increase.

The reason is pretty simple: criminals don’t, by their very definition, follow gun laws. You can make a law that disarms every citizen of the country, but criminals will still hang on to theirs. All you have done was disarmed those that follow the laws and made them vulnerable to those who don’t. This is why mass shootings happen in ‘Gun Free Zones.’ The murderers know that there will be nobody there to stop their rampage.



The chart above shows that the less restrictive gun control laws become, the fewer homicides we see. This is because gun control laws only effect responsible law abiding citizens.

Via: USWorldReport

Via: extranosalley


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