The national anthem protests haven’t hit college football yet. The players are in the locker room during the national anthem in college but will we see some sort of protest on the field similar to the black power fist that a few NFL players like Odell Beckham have been doing during games? He also pretended to “pee like a dog” on the field after a touchdown:

New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr. scored a pair of touchdowns in the team’s 27-24 loss to the Eagles and celebrated the scores in very different ways…Very disgusting ways.

Sports Illustrated reported:
After an impressive toe-tap catch in the back of the end zone, Beckham Jr. drew a flag for pretending like he was peeing on the Lincoln Financial Field surface.

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Alabama head coach Nick Saban just weighed in on the protests with a veteran who called in to his weekly radio show. You can tell he’s thought this one out. He might be better prepared to handle the controversy than most NFL coaches. While he understands that the players need to stand, he also understands individual rights. He doesn’t go into what he might have directed his players to do as far as a protest on the field.  We’d like to know what you think about his remarks…Is Saban straddling the fence on the anthem controversy?

“The one thing that’s a little disappointing to me is something that has always been a real unifying, something that created spirit in our country and was very unifying is no longer that way,” Saban said. “That is a little bothersome to me.”

“I don’t think that what these people are doing is in any way, shape or form are meant to disrespect a veteran or somebody like yourself who has worked so hard, fought so hard and sacrificed so much for all of us to have the quality of life that we want to have,” he told the retired veteran who called in to his show.

“But one of the things that you also fought for and made sacrifice for was that we all could have the freedom to have choice in terms of what we believe, what we did and what we said,” Saban continued.

“I respect people’s individual rights. I have my opinion in terms of what I would do and how I would do [it]. I would not want to ever disrespect the symbols that represent the values of our country. But I also respect individual differences that other people have. I think they have the right to express those. Whether it’s our players or somebody else, whether I agree or disagree, I think they have the right to do that.”

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