After four years of historic change in the Middle East toward peace under President Donald Trump, Banana Republic Biden sent new troops to Syria and nominates advocate of ‘regime change’ for Secretary of State

Illegitimate President Joe Biden has made good on his promise to keep the endless wars raging across the world after duly elected President Trump spent his four years extricating America from foreign wars and negotiating peace across most of the middle east, garnering him 5 Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

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Now, AMN News reports that a large military convoy is heading to Damascus from Iraq.  Secretary Of State nominee, Anthony Blinken seems to dream of foreign intervention in the Middle East and has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton, Obama and Biden, in part to achieve such ends

Banana Republic Biden listens as his Secretary of State nominee Tony Blinken, speaks at a November news conference.  Carolyn Kaster/AP

Is this business as usual troop maintenance, or a sign of escalation toward more perpetual “regime change” policies on the part of the illegitimate Biden administration?  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) challenged Blinken on this during the vetting process this week, claiming Blinken is a “consistent supporter of military intervention in the middle east” and “regime change” policies.  He also suggested that Blinken has learned nothing from his massive failures in the past in advocating such policies.

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